Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sterilizarea - singura solutie a Romaniei

Am gasit solutia pe termen lung de oprire a masacrului…

Intr-o Romanie plina de ura si de nervi, de masacre si crime postate pe net, in timp ce in fundal sunt copii care rad tamp neintelegand gravitatea actiunilor parintilor, singura solutie a ecosistemelor si a civilizatiei sa renasca in cativa ani este STERILIZAREA.

O sa spuneti ca nu e nimic nou – insa nu ati auzit totul. Sterilizarea tuturor femeilor – daca femeile din Romania au fost in stare sa nasca asemenea monstri sau daca sistemul educational din RO, a reusit sa ne transforme minunatiile de copii in monstri, atunci nu meritam sa traim sau sa ne inmultim.

Stiu ca “iubitul” nostru presedinte ne indemna sa ne inmultim si sa crestem numarul de romani, ca deh! Femeia e ca si vita, tre sa fete vitei sa aiba idiotul ce sclavi sa puna sa munceasca in minele toxice, sa aiba sclavi pentru a nimici caini, sa aiba marionete gata sa ii spele picioarele si pacatele cu buretele…..

Si pentru ca solutia lui nu pare deloc una demna pentru oamenii care inca mai au discernamant… ne mai ramane o singura solutie. Asemenea sinucigasului care decide sa isi ia singur viata pentru ca asa considera ca e mai bine pentru el si cei din jur, asa ar trebui si noi sa nu ii mai facem idiotului rost de sclavi. Romania Sterila … asta ar trebui sa devenim, sa reducem la 0 posibilitatea ca astfel de monstri sa mai apara pe aceste teritorii. Speranta de viata cu ajutorului conducatorului a scazut mult, in 50-60 de ani curatam Romania….

Iar pentru cei care deja au copii, faceti bagajele, strangeti tot ce va e mai de pret, puneti in rucsacii copiilor – o fotografie cu muntii si una cu marea (sa va aduceti aminte de unde ati plecat) si apoi iesiti din tara pe cea mai apropiata granita. Plecati si nu uitati sa inchideti in urma voastra cusca numita Romania… vom plange printre gratii, dar nu de tristete ci de bucurie ca macar voi ati scapat…

The Angel and the 'Beast'

I read this quote some time ago and today it came to mind when I lost a little angel – “Every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are”.

The quote does not make much sense to me as having a dog, losing a dog, having another and so on, for me it means being good, being happy and sharing the happiness with my best friend for as long as he lives. Can you be more human then that?

I guess not.. still – after today my fear is, if every dog I loose takes a piece of my heart, will I not be heartless at some point?

You will all say, that another dog will come around, that a new dog will share with me a piece of his heart, but I am sure we are all lying. We are lying ourselves, to keep us going.

No dog will ever match the piece of the heart another dog stole. No dog will ever be able to bring the exact same type of happiness and joy like the one before.

Each dog – will have his own flaws, his own way of wagging his tail, of greeting you, of saying thank you. Each dog will teach us something that the one before could not. Each dog will be his own version and will never measure the one that was lost.

So in the end .. how do we avoid losing ourselves in pain, suffering and frustration.

I tell you how.. we keep going. We either keep lying to ourselves or we simply recognize that losing a dog will tear us to pieces, but having the courage to get another dog after, will only mend the heart and give it reason.

A new dog does not replace another, but will for sure keep your mind from wondering in pain.

So if you lost a dog, think about it… go to the local shelter where more then one dogs had their hearts broken by a human, and together you can start healing.

This is pretty much what I did today…. We lost a little angel that was not ours, but was in the same shelter where our dogs are. I tried to save him, to give him comfort, but in the end in my mind I asked the little guy to make a choice.. and he did … he left…

An hour later… I was entering the vet with a beautiful, but scared Romanian Shepard who was cleaned up, dewormed, fed and soon neutered and ready for his new life.

A life that promised him a big yard, friends to play with and lots of reasons to wag that tail around.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Please stop the music...

     All my life I heard people say that life is a symphony. “All you have to do is find the right notes. Once you learn to listen to the music, you will find happiness” (At least this is what they used to say, this is what I used to believe).

     Years have passed, I have grown and the very same music seems to be sung by old gramophones that can no longer change songs. I listen again and again and the play seems to be the same, nothing makes us different anymore, nothing is unique and the pattern that we follow only turns us into not so good copies, of an ancient perfect human.
     We are created to follow the footsteps of our fathers and that often implies finishing school by the age of 25, having families and kids of our own by the age of 30, having jobs, houses, and cars, playing nice and getting along with everyone until we pass. We no longer have the urge or the strength to change the path that was written for us.
      We may as well stop the music of life, as the pattern is so imprinted in our DNA that it no longer requires music, or listening and finding our own path.

      We are so scared of what people may think if we smile or laugh out loud, if we kiss our lover in the middle of the street, if we run in the rain (not to find a shelter, but to enjoy the raindrops on our skin), if we give a stranger a smile or a wink, if we hug or if we hold hands.

      We forgot that being human, means being different, even unique. Being human implies emotions, feelings, opinions, thoughts – we cannot simply adjust the settings and be like everyone else. We need to learn that if one does not want to have kids, or to marry, or is no longer interested in playing house just for the sake of image, or simply changed the view from men to women, from one to more, from waiting for the perfect guy to going back to the perfect guy – it does not mean they are lost to us.

     It does not mean that if this particular being is different, it is also “broken”. It just means that once again humans have made a step forward: they listened to the song of life, they wrote down the right, and erased the wrong.

     Now all they have to do is live their whole life trying to rewrite the wrong that was done …

     So please, can somebody just silence those gramophones? Some of us are being reborn.